The Pfizer Phase I-II-III trails founds twice as high a cardiovascular death rate in the vaccinated group as in the unvaccinated group in the period 6 months after the 2nd Jab Casillas crumbled to the ground after suffering a heart attack in 2019. It happened on October 19,2021 in Nao-me-toque (Rio Grande do Sul). A heart attack is the lay mans term to describe a myocardial infarction. EXCLUSIVE: The Premier League is going to 'crash' unless players are fully vaccinated, the UK's top sports cardiologistProfessor Sanjay Sharma warns. Includes: Premier League + 84 Sports Channels. His data just came from his routine operations. WebUBC study finds hidden heart disease risk in athletes Eriksen had suffered a cardiac arrest and had to receive life-saving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the pitch before Add to that the extensively documents reduction in effectiveness of vaccinated immune systems; which suggests the fully vaccinated are developing a new form of vaccine induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, then you have a charming little cocktail that leaves with about as much chance of extending your life as a large dose of Midazolam. A more precise and appropriate title would be Investigation finds that Worldwide Heart Attack Deaths nearly TRIPLE among Soccer Players in 2021 so far (no need for percentages in the title). Reuters has also found multiple factual inaccuracies in linking the alleged 108 deaths to COVID-19 vaccines. It appears to be compiled using news reports of the deaths of 108 people, aged 12 64, worldwide. There is some debate over whether or not you can wear plastic cleats on turf. No evidence. Wow, mind boggling, the most dangerous substance ever released upon humanity, and imagine, instead of banning it, they even want to make this clot shot mandatory in Austria and Germany. Professional footballers must train hard in order to be successful; if they dont, they might not make it very far in the game world. Aguero played in our country for such a long time and only just moved to Spain, so you have got a good idea of what their tests looked like prior to this happening. What actually happens to their heart? The pharmaceutical giant has been seeking immunity from any action against any future adverse actions of its vaccine. WebIn the majority of cases where an autopsy was carried out, the cause of death was coronary heart disease . Sage advice to any pro athlete who has taken the jab might be to take a 6 month sabbatical, eat fish all day and do not take any more jabs. Alternative COVID cures exist. Early detection and treatment through cardiology care may improve prognosis for affected athletes, though sadly there is no cure currently available for this condition. The bodies of all three are being examined Medics attended to the player for 10 minutes before he was removed on a stretcher. The result in, quite literally, the death of this heart muscle. Anybody paying attention knows that something is very [], [] the strange reports of high altitude sickness in NYC) and cardiac events (which haveincreasedsince the COVID vaccine roll []. Adama Traore of Sheriff Tiraspol was at the centre of another scare during a Champions League tie against Real Madrid and Emil Palsson technically died for four minutes during a Norwegian Second Division game between Sogndal and Stjordals-Blink amid scenes reminiscent of Eriksen's collapse. 2 Many became magnetic from other sources, food, drugs, it was found in even saline. A win by either team would have helped create some distance near the bottom of the [], The latest episode of the World Soccer Talk Podcast is presented by Sling. So all these data are saying the same thing. John Ulrick spoke of his five children, four of whom are Black. Since December, 183 professional Suffered a heart attack after playing against the Verrebroek. In the 2019 study, it was found that on average NFL players die around seven years earlier than MLB players. Rafael Nadal Faces Rankings Threat After French Open, Medvedev and Fritz Look to Continue Strong Clay Form at Mutua Madrid Open, Wells Fargo Championship Returns to Quail Hollow Club in 2023, Tiger Woods Surprises by Talking Liv Golf With Talor Gooch at the Masters, Jurgen Klopp Asks Liverpool Fans to Stop Singing His Chant Until After the Matches. Plastic cleats are often used in place of metal cleats when playing football because plastic is lighter and doesnt rust. Published: 17:34 EDT, 15 December 2021 | Updated: 19:38 EDT, 15 December 2021. Because that paper is dynamite. Based on pre-COVID-19 studies, a young, competitive athlete dies from sudden cardiac arrest every 2-3 days in the United States . Serious medical conditions are the most common cause of collapse, but there are other causes too. Get your Ivermectin today while you still can! Would love your thoughts, please comment. 'When it happens to someone high profile, it captures the attention of the entire nation. The worrying spate of heart-related episodes in football has raised concerns over links with Covid and the vaccination programme to prevent it. I heard about this job 3 months ago and after joining this I have earned easily $24000k from this without having online working skills . WebIn 53 cases, a cause of death was reported. To maintain their skills and physique, professional athletes often push themselves beyond what is natural or healthy . 'We've had this blitz in 2021,' said Prof Sharma, who is head of research and professor of sports cardiology for St George's University in London. Then you are dragged to the inescapable conclusion that mRNA vaccines more than double the heart attack risk in sedentary people and more than triple the rate of heart attacks in athletes (since many wisely remain unvaccinated). These heart conditions tend to be genetic. At the top of the page it clearly states that the list of footballers deaths is incomplete. Adam Abdullah, WebBy Rhea Mogul Christian Eriksen, the Danish soccer star who collapsed on the field during a European Championship match Saturday, suffered a cardiac arrest and "was gone" Indeed his job is to protect his patients from Heart attack risk. [], [] Read more:Investigation finds 278% increase in Worldwide Heart Attack Deaths among Soccer Players in 2021 so f [], [] Investigation finds 278% increase in worldwide heart attack deaths among soccer players in 2021 so f [], [] Uit een onderzoek van beschikbare gegevens blijkt dat het aantal cardiovasculaire sterfgevallen bij voetballers in 2021 wereldwijd 278% hoger ligt dan het gemiddelde over 12 jaar, en uit de analyse blijkt verder dat het overgrote deel van de oversterfte in het Verenigd Koninkrijk dit jaar te wijten is aan cardiovasculaire, immunologische en neurologische schade als gevolg van de Covid-19 injecties, schrijft WebThis is a full overview of football players who passed away and whose deaths were published in the media for an assortment of causes, including injuries, cardiac arrests, Knowing the signs and symptoms of an athlete who has collapsed is important in diagnosing and treating them quickly. Pypers road to recovery will likely be long, as it is still unclear how long she was without a pulse. So, please dont delay, support The Expose today and make this annoying banner go away, ITS THE FINAL DAY These include heart attacks brought on by previously known or unknown heart conditions, while others included prior COVID-19 This deprives the heart muscle (i.e. Look at it what I do Barely after 20 minutes of play, he collapsed on the pitch. Any abnormality in this electrical current means that the heart fails to contract appropriately. . The Daily Expose reported that soccer deaths in 2021 were 278% higher than the 12-year average. Sudden cardiac arrest in Blumenau in the Santa Catarina Championship and died. Cash in on 100m Harry Kane, get rid of Eric Dier and Davinson Sanchez and ditch the loanees - but the jury's still out on 42m Pedro Porro who should stay and go at Tottenham this summer? The carnage is worldwide and non-discriminatory in terms of age or sport. Got a story you think the public needs to hear? Athletes suddenly collapsing is a common issue and can be caused by many different factors. In the coming days, doctors will learn more about her brain activity and work to create a diagnosis. STOCKHOLM (Reuters) Swedish club AIK remembered former keeper Ivan Turina with an unusual minutes silence ahead of their league game with Sirius on Saturday, encouraging fans to be more aware of the kind of heart condition that took the Since 2005!" 'The criticism is right': Virgil van Dijk admits falling below his high standards in an 'up and down season' with the Liverpool star vowing to return to his consistent best, Roberto De Zerbi hails Brighton's thrashing of Wolves as 'the BEST performance' of his coaching career after the Seagulls registered their biggest Premier League victory to continue European push, Tottenham FINALLY showed some fight as they battled back against Man United, with interim boss Ryan Mason trying to heal the wounds of a toxic season on and off the pitch but now another tough test awaits them against Liverpool, Arsenal and Liverpool eye a move for 30million-rated Rennes midfielder Lovro Majer with the Croatia international indicating that he is ready for a new challenge, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 'could return to Barcelona at the end of the season for FREE' after his disastrous spell at Chelsea, with the Blues ready to strip their squad, Get me Kane! This electrical current travels rapidly first to the rest of the atria and then down to the ventricles. Have you check the vaccination status of these players? Nine years separated Marc-Vivien Foe's death from a heart attack on a pitch in Lyon to Fabrice Muamba's near-fatal collapse at Tottenham, and another nine passed before Christian Eriksen was brought back to life at Euro 2020 this summer. Our healthcare system is about to experience a tsunami! Makhlid Al-Raqadi (Oman player) dies As the atria then relax, the ventricles in turn contract pumping blood to the lungs and to the rest of the body.The heart muscle contraction and relaxation phases are all made possible by electrical impulses generated within the hearts own natural pacemaker within the left atrium. I can say my life is improved totally! The comments below have not been moderated. In the Real Time News article, the writer says the majority of the 108 deaths were heart-related and highlights that they occurred since the global rollout of COVID-19 vaccines. The family has also heard wishes of support from the Phoenix Rising Pro team, who took to their Instagram to show a jersey in Pypers honor. Defibrillator was used. No, you cannot wear molded cleats on turf. The RFL continues to encourage players to vaccinate against COVID-19 for specific sporting reasons, but also as part of the national vaccination effort and public health narrative., The National Rugby League (NRL) of Australia also said: The NRL has not had any deaths related to COVID or COVID vaccines., Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY), a British charity that funds medical research and supports families of young people affected by heart conditions, told Reuters: Its important to understand that young sudden cardiac death (in both sportspeople and the general population) is tragically not a new phenomenon.. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group, Azerbaijan Grand Prix LIVE: Max Verstappen LEADS as he flies past Charles Leclerc, with Red Bull team-mate Sergio Perez closing the gap in second - while Lewis Hamilton pits early, Jurgen Klopp admits he is 'happy' to see Chelsea's struggle after Blues' 600m transfer splurge, and claims Todd Boehly and Co made life 'almost IMPOSSIBLE' for any coach with scattergun transfers, Celta Vigo midfielder Gabri Veiga is backed to make big impact in the Premier League by former Brighton boss Oscar Garcia with Man City and Liverpool interested in 35m youngster, Harry Kane admits Tottenham have lost some of the values they had under Mauricio Pochettino and calls 6-1 Newcastle humiliation 'one of the worst' feelings he's had in football, Dean Henderson 'is OUT for the rest of the season after another setback in recovery from a thigh injury that's kept him out since January' in fresh blow to Nottingham Forest's survival hopes amid Keylor Navas struggles, Ollie Watkins' red hot form for Aston Villa 'has made him a shock 60m Bayern Munich target' this summer, with German club's technical director Marco Neppe flying out to watch striker in action, 'Next time expect the same, d***head': Max Verstappen blasts George Russell in extraordinary bust-up after the Azerbaijan Grand Prix sprint race with the world champion fuming over collision that left a hole in his Red Bull, Xavi hails 'special' 15-year-old prodigy and insists the starlet has 'innate talent' comparable to Lionel Messi after he became Barcelona's youngest-ever player in La Liga. They must be lying about other death and serious averse effects, too. Is it safe to play soccer? Danish soccer star collapses on field, gets pacemaker. WebWhile most causes of sudden cardiac death relate to congenital or acquired cardiovascular disease, an exception is commotio cordis, in which the heart is structurally normal but a potentially fatal loss of rhythm occurs because of the accident of timing of a blow to the chest. []. Training has become harder over time and must be pushed to the limit on a regular basis if players want to succeed at the sport. 'Is there an issue? As soon as the ICD detects an aberrant electrical impulse, it sends a shock to the heart muscles with the aim of arresting this electric current and restoring a normal heart rhythm once again. Heart attack cases. Soplease support us in our efforts to bring you honest, reliable, investigative journalismtoday. , Pro footballer suffers cardiac arrest during a game. However, it kills more than 600 young people under the age of 35 each year according to the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY). But vaccines behave in precisely the same way in all heart muscle. Must be more than they admit. So if heart disease death went up by 178% in all age groups in all activity classes worldwide, then overall deaths (excess mortality) would go up by 28.5% and an extra 15.8 million people would be killed. It pointed Reuters toward data published in 2008, which showed 12 apparently fit and healthy young people (aged 35 and under) die in the United Kingdom every week from previously undiagnosed heart conditions ( They are visible tip of the iceberg of vaccine mortality. The most common cause of death in top athletes is from a heart attack caused by HCM the same disease that affects the general population in high-risk groups. Pyper Midkiff, 12, and her twin sister, Emori, are star athletes on their youth soccer team, their dad, Matt Midkiff says. You would not expect a professional athlete to tick any of these boxes!Instead, the cause of these athletes sudden collapse would be a rhythm problem in the heart, also known as an arrhythmia. 'Obviously we have looked after some of these players in the past through the football screening programme. But there is no comfort that should be taken in the fact that non-footballers are not dying of heart attacks at the increased rate that footballers (and other athletes) are dying at. WebFarther down the list is French former soccer player Franck Berrier, who died of a heart attack in August while playing tennis two years after retiring from soccer because of World Soccer Talk 2023. I counted a list of athletes who died or had serious adverse events and there were 183 of which 103 died. W/W soccer heart attack deaths up 278% in 2021. A mixture of sporting levels is included which range from professional, semi-professional, amateur, retired, youth (under 15 years old), high school and college. Soccer is a physically demanding sport that can lead to sudden cardiac arrest in young athletes. In college soccer, sudden death is a rule that allows teams to end the game as soon as one player can no longer score. It seems unlikely that Alex Apolinario was vaccinated before he died since the vaccine was only available to the elderly a week after he died. we couldnt do what we do without your support. Three cases did involve speculation of a vaccine link but this has not been confirmed. People who suffer from cardiovascular diseases or obesity should avoid strenuous workouts altogether as they put themselves at an increased risk for injury and heart disease complications such as stroke and cardiac arrest.. Then, Sofiane Lokar, an Algerian footballer, suffered the same fate during his team's match. Guiseppe might have had his jag, thats one maybe out of the first five. He added: 'Eriksen's well-publicised and sudden cardiac arrest - the most high-profile I've witnessed - certainly opened up the eyes of the world to sudden cardiac arrest in sport. (THECOUNT) An unusually large number of German professional and amateur soccer players have collapsed recently, according to Disclose. Leeds were sitting 16th, just one point ahead of Leicester. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. [], This is indeed interesting and disturbing! The 33-year-old was substituted for the game against Deportivo The atria contract as they pump blood into the ventricles. This episode marked me. Initially, many of these were not reported. But this answer shows that at People who regularly play tennis have the longest life expectancy compared with people who do other activities, such as jogging, swimming, or bicycling. Patients with heart conditions that can result in a fatal arrhythmia are usually implanted with an ICD (implantable cardioverter defibrillator). WebOf these players, 42 (0.38%) had cardiac diseases that could cause sudden cardiac death. Im afraid this is a poorly sourced and inaccurate article. hemorrhage. The physical demands of playing professional football have increased dramatically in recent years, putting additional strain on the cardiovascular system of those involved in the sport. Multiple youth soccer club teams in Arizona, Utah and California showed their support for Pyper over the weekend. Younger athletes with congenital or genetically mediated cardiovascular disease, such as HCM, coronary artery anomalies, other cardiomyopathies, or primary arrhythmogenic disorders are also at a greater risk for developing SCD. Professor Sanjay Sharma believes the increase in issues may be down to the game speeding up. Dr Campbell says that really we need MRI imaging of the vascular damage to confirm the findings . Could something have been done to prevent this tragedy? Especially if they take up the offer of never ending booster shots. The support over the past few days shows that everybody gets it at the end of the day of whats really important. Henry, a teenager from Due to the Establishments attempt to shut The flu shots also had graphene oxide (was found, articles were on about it). It is just that more inactive people do not use all their heart muscle and so do not hit a brick wall and keel over so quickly. Prof Sharma believes the increase may be down to the game speeding up significantly since Foe died in 2003 and Muamba collapsed in 2012. They are also susceptible to rust and other corrosion, so be sure to clean them after every use. Crimes against humanity! According to the British news outlet, officials from the [], Leeds, Leicester draw opens door at bottom of EPL table, Wrexham Increasing Interest in Lower-League US Soccer, FOX announces full Women's World Cup broadcast schedule, FIFA blocks EPL request for temporary head injury substitutions, Starting price: $33/mo. BY SUPPORTING US TODAY. Claims that 108 FIFA soccer players died in 2021 are based on a problematic list of deaths in an Israeli news article. They are dying today at 278% the normal rate, whereas we shall die tomorrow at 278% the normal rate, because the heart muscle does not recover after it is damaged. Former French soccer player, Franck Berrier, 37, died of a heart attack in August while playing tennis two years after retiring from soccer because of heart problems. First, American football boots typically have a heavier construction than soccer boots, which is necessary in order to absorb more impact when players are running with the ball. In Jamaica they have a 20% vaccination rate so its unlikely that Tremaine Stewart had his jab. However, such defects are not always so obvious and can be easily missed. Reuters presented the claims to FIFA, world soccers governing body, which reaffirmed its statement to Reuters in November: FIFA is not aware of a rise in episodes of cardiac arrests as indicated in your email and no cases have been flagged in relation to individuals receiving a COVID vaccine. Pyper Midkiff, 12, and her twin sister, Emori, are star athletes on their youth soccer team, their dad, Matt Midkiff says. The answer is a complex one. This week alone, three players died from heart attacks despite being young and healthy. Ivermectin is one of them. So just what is going on? Additionally, the title of the article is wrong; there is no 278% increase but rather a 178% increase, to be correct mathematically. Note If viewing this page on a mobile phone / tablet please slide the following table to the left to view the circumstances of each death and the source material. TO SAVE THE EXPOSE Viktor Marcell Hegeds was only 18, so its unlikely he qualified for a vaccination. The whistle-blower told Dr. Malhotra that they have found links between the inflammation of coronary arteries and the mRNA vaccines from imaging studies.However, the researchers have decided not to publish their findings, as they are concerned about losing money from the drug industry, alleged the doctor on GB News. If so, how? for more info visit any tab this site Thanks a lot Here .. They should be accepting the position of the American Heart Association lock stock and barrel, and enforcing it like they do with the CDC or the FDAor any other marketing department of Pfizer inc. I have shared this: ralph Watzke LLB retired Barrister & Solicitor in Canada, [] []. For football lovers and players, the most heartbreaking experience is death, especially on the field of play. (Here is an extensive list of all the athletes who have collapsed or died of heart problems.) Berlin- The professional player Sergio Agero from FC Barcelona will be out for at least three months. While there is no definitive answer, it is generally recommended that you avoid wearing them because they can cause damage to the turf surface. WebWhen Danish footballer Christian Eriksen suffered cardiac arrest and collapsed face-forward into the turf at Copenhagens Parken Stadium in June, spectators, teammates and opposition players held their collective breath. While it is true that many of the deaths were linked in news reports to heart issues, there is no current evidence that they prove a common link between COVID-19 vaccines and fatality. 'As someone who has knowledge of what actually happened to some of these people and the diseases that affected them, I can tell you I don't think it was football-related, just bad luck. Miraculously, Eriksen has since returned to full fitness and is considered as one of the best midfielders in the Premier League. If you like what we do then please help us to keep doing it with a one-time or monthly donation today An investigation of available data shows that worldwide football / soccer match cardiovascular deaths in 2021 are 278% higher than the 12-year average, and analysis further indicates that the vast majority of excess mortality in the UK this year has been due to cardiovascular, immunological and neurological damage caused by the Covid-19 injections. Alvarez gives Pep a headache for City's treble tilt, sluggish Spurs are slow off the mark AGAIN and Diaz 'No-one is falling for your sanitised, vanilla PR guff any more! With Wyke's consent, Wigan also clarified that the player had not been vaccinated before his heart attack. Going to the bathroom can also trigger something called a vasovagal response. In most cases, the occlusion of a coronary artery is caused by a combination of a cholesterol plaque within the artery and an overlying blood clot. Must try harder! WebWhenever such a tragedy occurs on a soccer pitch, many media outlets report that the concerned player had a heart attack. The 29-year-old was, for a few minutes at least, as close to death as it gets. Some of the listed deaths also occurred prior to vaccine rollouts for respective age groups in certain countries. Its fatality rate is about 65% even with prompt CPR and defibrillation, and more There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to Skechers. The piece adds: This large amount speaks for itself and tells a very different story from the mantra repeated by the media, according to which, the athletes who refuse to get vaccinated are just a handful of vaccine opponents. Have posted studies here. WebSoccer players are at an increased risk for heart disease, which can lead to sudden death from a heart attack. Its secure, quick and easy, Just choose your preferred method to show your support below support, Categories: Breaking News, Did You Know?, The Expose Blog, World News. Collapsed from a heart attack after a game and died. The 2:1 ratio of cardiovascular deaths found in the vaxxed compared to the unvaxxed in the original Pfizer clinical vaccine trial. The data within the table was obtained from the following . Research suggests the likelihood of sudden cardiac death (SCD) in high school athletes is between 1 in 50,000 to 1 in 80,000. 292 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 167 Dead, After COVID Shot, Christophe Ramassamy, a 54-year-old footballer, suffered a fatal heart attack. Solano played the first half then was taken off for the 2nd but went out to celebrate on the pitch with his team mates at the end of the game when he collapsed. Do not sell or share my personal information. The emergency services could do nothing to revive him. The risk of footballers dying because their heart stops beating is higher than experts thought, a study suggests. In fact, there is a record number of games on FOX, even if [], FIFA has reportedly blocked a trial for temporary substitutions for players that have suffered a head injury. The list does not prove a common link between the deaths of athletes and COVID-19 vaccines. What is happening to them very quickly will be happening to us more slowly. MoS investigation reveals players could be tested as little as ONCE a season and they are almost NEVER tested for banned testosterone. What causes an arrhythmia? Individuals, not just athletes, who have close relatives that died suddenly and unexpectedly at a young age and/or who have frequent episodes of unexplained black outs are strongly advised to seek medical advise as they may well need to be investigated by a cardiologist.Remember, fatal, erratic electrical currents (arrythmias) can be potentially reversed by applying a shock from a defibrillator. disadvantages of interdisciplinary approach in education, uei college human resources,